Solar rooftop panels are a modern day technology used to generate electricity, which is gaining popularity all across the world. The reason for its fast rise is that solar energy has emerged as a best renewable energy alternative to non- renewable energy sources. It is a cheap, safe, renewable and clean form of energy which in the long term grants many possible solutions.

Solar rooftops panels are applicable for any form of client. They can be applied to industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings without any issues or problems. Solar rooftop systems are basically of two types given in description.


These are solar rooftop systems that are not integrated with any grid facility. These systems tend to run independently on a storage facility based on a battery based system. These systems don't have to run on the MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited) norms and they have the option of either applying or not applying the tested energy meters.


These are the alternative systems that come with the integrated grid facility. These systems don't run on a storage facility based on a battery based system. These systems are purely dependent on the MSEDCL system and have to comply by the MSEDCL norms. These systems have a mandatory requirement for tested energy meters.

Solar rooftop panels are a combination of many independent systems structured to function as a single working unit. One of the components in the system is photovoltaic solar panel that directly converts solar energy (light) into electricity. Many cells are linked together to form an independently working solar panel. Another component is the Grid Tie Inverter which is used to convert DC electricity into AC electricity. This inverter main function is for controlling the power generation.

This is whole system can be structured in ground mounted, elevated, teen shade and many other ways. The material for these structures varies from MS, GI, HDGI and FRP. These structures are built with a mind-set that they can resist against the wind of up to 180 mph. This combination of independent components that come together on the basis of a ground based system called Balance of Systems.

Component Specification
Solar Panel
  • Product Warranty : 10 yrs
  • Performance Warranty : upto 27 yrs
  • Brands : Waaree/Tata/Adani/Renewsys/Jackson/Trina
Grid tie Inverter
  • Product Warranty : 5 yrs
  • Range : 1Kw to 1000Kw
  • Brands : Fronius/ABB/Polycab/Waaree/Tata
Structure (BOS)
  • ACDB, DCDB, AC/DC, Cables, Earthing cables, Cable Trey, Cable Tie, Conduit Pipe

✔ Benefits

✔ Residential clients can attain subsidy on the basis of using solar-based products and commercial clients will be able to apply for claim depreciation on their taxes.
✔ They will be able to get discounts on property taxes. In a minimum set of years, the client will be able to get a null payback on his investment.
✔ For the remaining years, the client will be able to get a free cost of electricity usage.
✔ The solar rooftop system is on its core a maintenance free system.
✔ You can make extra money my feeding the extra electricity generated to MSEDCL.