Touchless Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Touchless Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

The automatically operating sanitizer dispenser has been designed to make your workplace or for that matter any mass gathering localities safer for everyone. In the time of corona, this product will allow people to sanitize there hands without ever even touching the machine. This is a wall-mounted and completely sensor-operated product that has a capacity of 1 to 5 Ltr making it useful for a longer time as it will not require continuous refilling.

This product works with an auto timer that allows it to not waste any sanitizer and thus helping in the conservation of the sanitizer. This will make this product not only safe as well as good for the environment. We here at SunGET Solar Infra believe in the safety and security of people and have created this product to bring effect to the said cause.

Contact Less!
Low Maintenance
Easy Refilling
Safe and Secure

1. Touchless Automatic sanitizer dispensers are completely automated products that can be installed on the wall.

2. It has the sensor board technology with an auto timer.

3. It is a wall-mounted product that works in 1ml to 3ml dispensing cycles.

4. It has an enclosure with M/S Plate powder coating with a strong body and high strength.

5. It works on a power source that has a supply voltage of 230VAc, 50Hz.

Dispensor Type

Touchless Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser


1 to 5 Litres



Installation Type

Wall Mounted, Tabletop


230 Vac, 50Hz

Dispensing Cycle

1ml to 5ml


6 Months

Educational institutes




Bus station

Railway station





Sports complex

Social Gatherings


1. The product is completely contactless and works on the basis of sensors.

2. The product is both safe and secure and works on an auto timer which allows for conservation.

3. The product has a user-friendly compact design with an in-built plug and plays facility.

4. It is a low maintenance product and thus will not require a lot of attention once installed.

5. It’s a portable device and can be easily mounted on a wall or place on a tabletop.

6. The sanitizer level is visible allowing for easy refilling.