We here at SunGET Solar Infra take the client as the priority. We are team of dedicated engineers and technicians who pride ourselves on making sure we not only live up to our client expectation of us, but also exceed those expectations. We help our clients with all the challenges and issues that come with the products, and provide them with best service possible. The client usually comes across problems due to the over usage of the products or sometimes he might come across technical issues that he might not find easy to overcome. In these times we make sure to provide our clients with on the go solutions for his problems. We make sure that client is not left hanging with the problem and make sure to provide him with best solution possible.

We do the following works:

✔ System interconnection and distribution line of domestic and high rise projects.
✔ Fault findings in solar based products.
✔ Allocation and relocation of all the solar based products.
✔ Consultancy for solar energy projects.

We come to the best solution possible after mutual understandings with our clients and only after an in-depth and thorough discussion with the client do we move ahead with the solution. Through this process we make sure that everything happens with clients understanding and blessing so that the client is not left dissatisfied with the product and the service we provide.