As you will come to understand the whole solar energy process is complicated and hard to understand. Lots of paperwork needs to be done, permissions granted, clearance required, etc. So much work on top of the already prerequisite work can add a lot of stress. We here at SunGET Solar Infra believe in providing our clients with stress free life, to make this sure we take over the whole paperwork process from our clients and get it done on our own.

The complete process of paperwork is taken over by us from start till end so that client is bothered as less as possible whole while making sure that client gets regular updates of process to make sure he remains in the loop. We have dedicated personnel who are verified and carry the complete knowledge of the process so that no issues or problems are faced by our clients.

The whole process is supervised and the paperwork is maintained and stored in an orderly manner so to make sure that no document at any point of time can be misplaced or lost. We have conducted this process for many of our clients without ever facing any hassle. We are an experienced and smart team that can deal with all the paperwork issues in a blink of an eye.