Heat pumps are the new era technology that is finding footholds in the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential parts of our society. They are modern-day technology which is becoming an efficient elegant way of heating water for our day to day use.

Heat Pumps are an indigenous, natural and more efficient water heating technology. It consumes only one quarter of the electrical energy required for electric water heating. At 75% reduced energy consumption, this contributes to cleaner air. The water heating units are built on heating optimized compressors to provide seasonal efficient heating capacity and effective hot water production in residential and commercial building applications.

The heat pumps works in an efficient and precise way making sure there is minimum wastage of resources. Initially, the heat pump transfers the heat absorbed in the environment to the refrigerant. Then, in the compressor the compressing procedure increases the pressure and temperature and the refrigerant turns into the gas. Afterwards, in the condenser the hot gas transfers the heat to the water cycle. Finally, after the gas condenses its pressure reduces in the expansion valve and it changes its state to liquid state in evaporator.

Specification - Heat Pump Single Phase

Description HeetON™ - 75 HeetON™ - 100 HeetON™ - 150 HeetON™ - 200
Compressor Type Reciprocating
Reciprocating Reciprocating Reciprocating
Refrigerant - R134a R407a R407a R407a
Heating Capacity kw 2 3.5 6.7 7.7
Total Power Consumption kw 0.75 1.05 1.6 2.05
Electrical Supply V 240 V / 50Hz / 1 Ph
Rated Output Water Temperature
55 55 55 55
Max. Output. Water Temperature 60 60 60 60
Hot Water output LPH 100 100 150 200
Weight kg 66 75 80 95
Dimensions LxBxH mm 800x400x700
800x400x700 900x450x700

Specification - Heat Pump Three Phase

Description HeetON™ -300 HeetON™ -500 HeetON™ -750 HeetON™ -1000
Compressor Type Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll
Refrigerant - R407c R407c R407c R407c
Heating Capacity kw 10.5 17.5 26.20 35
Total Power Consumption kw 3 5 7.5 10
Electrical Supply V 240 V / 50Hz / 1 Ph 420 V / 50Hz / 3 Ph
Rated Output >Water Temperature 55 55 55 55
Max. O/p Water Temperature 60 60 60 60
Hot Water output LPH 300 500 700 1000
Weight KG 110 330 185 200
Dimensions LxBxH mm 1100x550x800 1200x600x800 1500x750x1100 150X750X1100

✔ Benefits

✔ Long operating life
✔ Intelligent control
✔ Energy saving upto 70% to 80%
✔ Superior quality
✔ Suitable for all climates
✔ Pre-installed special protection features
✔ Heat pumps are the modern day technology developed to deal with our modern day requirements its special customized features help us to make sure that we can help out any client may he be a residential, industrial or commercial client.