CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

We have over the years observed that many social organizations find it hard to arrange the amount required for the one-time investment in solar energy products. Realizing this need we believe in approaching major corporate organizations to help fund this investment. Major corporations have been mandated by the government to pay a certain amount of money from there general annual income to fund social projects. This mandatory process is called CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility.)

We assess a social organizations needs and requirements and based on those requirements we approach corporations with a detailed investment plan and convince them for funding this project. We also understand that many corporations find it difficult on how to and where to donate. For such corporations, we help in finding the organizations which are in need of such an investment.

Through this service, we are trying to help out as many social organizations that are in need of such particular help. SunGET Solar Infra wants to help out as many social organizations as possible.