SunGET Solar Infra as an organization is just not interested in the monetary functionality of the solar energy market. But, we also want to spread the word about the social aspects and massive benefits of solar energy. For us as an organization it is important that more people know about various aspects of the solar energy industry as this will lead to better social changes in our society.Read More...

We understand that many people across our country are either not aware or are aware but our not sure about the social, financial and ecological benefits of solar energy. To overcome this hurdle we at SunGET Solar Infra organize various awareness programs and campaigns to allow people to amass as much knowledge on solar energy industry as possible. We ourselves target specially researched locations and conduct regular awareness programs but, we also organize such events on people’s request who find it important for their locality, business or institution to get awareness and knowledge about the solar energy industry.

For people who want to approach us for conducting such events in their locality can fill out the enquiry form through the link below

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