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SunGET Solar Infra is a fast-growing solar energy company in India. We are a Pune based company that has delved into the solar industry and has developed industry defining solar based products. We as an organization have strived to raise the people's understanding of the social, financial and economical benefits of solar energy. We are actively driven towards our targets and our on our way to achieving them.


Energy for future

Solar Rooftop System

Solar rooftops panels are an industry defining technology which are helping in redefining the commercial, institutional and residential aspects of our society. They are the new threshold for the production of a clean, Eco-friendly form of energy, in an economical and beneficial way.

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are the new, cost-effective way to generate hot water. They are the great alternatives to the old-school combustion-based systems, and the biggest benefit of the solar water heaters is the fuel they use, sunshine, is a "FREE" renewable source of energy.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are the new era technology that is finding footholds in the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential parts of our society. They are modern-day technology which is becoming an efficiently elegant way of heating water for our day to day use.

Electrical Vehicle

They are the look into the future, a developing technology which in today's environment will become a revolutionary artwork with an unprecedented future outlook. Such vehicles will lead countries to attain "green" mode & become more sustainable.


Offering the best assistance


We provide on-call repair options with the products. We help with issues and challenges faced with the product and in understanding the product to make sure for a hassle-free experience for the customer.


We want to make sure that all of our products are functioning at an optimum level at all time and to make sure that we achieve this we provide our customers with different maintenance packages for all our products.

Energy audit

We provide the best possible services to our clients and for that, we conduct in-depth energy audit for our clients to receive our best-customized service. We conduct the audit for commercial, industrial and residential parts of our society.


We here understand the stress that comes with paperwork, to make sure that our clients don't have to face the same stress we here deal with all the paperwork making sure our clients have a stress free time.

Comprehensive Training Program

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Introduction of Renewable Energy Basics

We all are very known for “practice makes a man perfect”. In today’s diversified society, many of us as an entrepreneur or professional is facing a lot of trouble to survive. SunGET Solar Infra is taking the challenge to open the new opportunities in the field of renewable energy. Where conventional sources should not be the resource of our daily needs it can be replaced by green energy.

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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Design - Integration

Solar Rooftop entrepreneurs & professionals need the clear understanding of Solar rooftop system design for efficient engineering, installation and commissioning (EPC)of Rooftop Plant at the client’s premises. The profitability of business depends on how fast you can manage to finish the trouble-free execution.

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Central & State Policies

As an individual, we all are expecting support form the expert‘s bureaucrats for all the levels & stages of business. Solar Rooftop entrepreneurs & professionals need to clear the understanding of Central government & State government stake and policies for the better implementation of Solar rooftop system for efficient engineering, installation and commissioning (EPC) at the said location. Get to know the liasoning & documentation part of the business, depends on how fast you can manage to finish the trouble-free execution.

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Market trend & Business Potential

Renewable industry is one of the booming sectors in today’s competition. Many of us an infant in this sector. As a SunGET Solar Infrawe are addressing the social backward areas which need to develop with the help of technology. It is an example of the dynamic & versatile potential of the market.

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Case Study - On site Solar PV plant visit.

“SunGET Solar Infra” is believing to deliver the hands-on experience to the entrepreneurs & professionals. To understand the depth knowledge of the solar rooftop On-Grid System. Many of us learned by the theoretically way but in real life, we do not get the actual feel of illusionary concept. Exactly we are focusing on the #real concept of the on-site visit.

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We at SunGET Solar Infra are multiple time award winning team that are associated with multiple organizations and have managed more than 50+ successfully installations and conducted more than 28+ meaningful training sessions.


Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA)

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