Our Story

At SunGET Solar Infra, we believe that ‘SUN’ is the source of ‘Long Lasting Energy’ available for living beings. On one side we all are enjoying the benefits of Electricity in our life, but on another side we are paying a lot in terms of environmental hazards such as climate change, global warming, air pollution etc. Which is very harmful not only to humans but to all the living beings. In India, Renewable energy sources constitute 28% of total installed capacity whereas Non-Renewable sources constitute the remaining 72%. Environmental group’s report on ‘pollution in the country’ warns emissions due to coal mining may cause 20 Million new asthma cases a year. Now it’s time to take steps towards Clean Source of energy.

We have the vision to spread awareness about clean sources of energy in all over India. We want to introduce this technology to grass-root level so that every household can generate their own clean electricity from solar energy. SunGET Solar Infra Pvt. Ltd. is one of the growing solar energy companies in India. We are a Pune based company and primarily focus on providing EPC solar energy solutions right from concept development to commissioning of solar power projects as well as operation & maintenance on the case to case basis based on client’s input. We have a team of Engineers and technicians to convert paper plan into reality. Our Engineers are well known to provide the technically robust system in the market. We adhere and comply with all the rules and regulations required to install any solar plant in India.